Our WORKSHOP theme for 2020 is



Our C.H.O.I.C.E.S. workshops are very affordable and have CUSTOMIZED session options. They are very informative and engaging. During the sessions we explore the following...


  • How does upbringing effect an individuals ability to change?

  • Why do people think the way they do?

  • Is change a possibility for everyone?

  • What limits individuals from achieving success?

  • What steps can a person take to make a positive change?




  • What makes a habit bad?

  • How does negative habits make obtaining success harder?

  • Why is it easy to develop bad habits?

  • How can you transform negative habits into positive behaviors?                                     

O-Options and Opportunity

  • What are options vs opportunities?

  • Why is a person who believes they have no options dangerous?

  • How to create opportunities when there seem to be none?

  • How to release the "Wild Lion" in you?


  • Why is image so important to success?

  • How does attire effect peoples' perception of you?

  • What does "Dressing for success" really mean?

  • What are some power dressing tips?


  • What is communication?

  • What does effective communication look like?

  • How to improve on your non-verbal/verbal communication skills?

  • Why improving your communication can assist you in building solid relationships?


  • How persistent effort increases your chances for success?

  • How to stay energized and motivated for the journey?

  • What is the difference between "Progress" and "Being Busy"?

  • What is the biggest obstacle to consistent effort?


  • Are you Suited For Success?

  • What does Success mean to you?

  • How are you planning for your Success?


These workshops are reasonably priced to be used to continue our efforts. Contact for pricing. Discounts for schools available.

Every session includes Q and A periods