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Our WORKSHOP theme for 2023 is


Thank you to my one of our favorite maga

Our C.H.O.I.C.E.S. workshops are very affordable and have CUSTOMIZED session options. They are very informative and engaging. During the sessions we explore the following...


  • How does upbringing effect an individuals ability to change?

  • Why do people think the way they do?

  • Is change a possibility for everyone?

  • What limits individuals from achieving success?

  • What steps can a person take to make a positive change?




  • What makes a habit bad?

  • How does negative habits make obtaining success harder?

  • Why is it easy to develop bad habits?

  • How can you transform negative habits into positive behaviors?                                     

O-Options and Opportunity

  • What are options vs opportunities?

  • Why is a person who believes they have no options dangerous?

  • How to create opportunities when there seem to be none?

  • How to release the "Wild Lion" in you?


  • Why is image so important to success?

  • How does attire effect peoples' perception of you?

  • What does "Dressing for success" really mean?

  • What are some power dressing tips?


  • What is communication?

  • What does effective communication look like?

  • How to improve on your non-verbal/verbal communication skills?

  • Why improving your communication can assist you in building solid relationships?


  • How persistent effort increases your chances for success?

  • How to stay energized and motivated for the journey?

  • What is the difference between "Progress" and "Being Busy"?

  • What is the biggest obstacle to consistent effort?


  • Are you Suited For Success?

  • What does Success mean to you?

  • How are you planning for your Success?


These workshops are reasonably priced to be used to continue our efforts. Contact for pricing. Discounts for schools available.

Every session includes Q and A periods 

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