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I Don't Like The Clothes My Spouse Wears

Date Night finally! You are all excited to go out. You put on your finest threads. Your hair is done. You have the perfect shoes. You are smelling good. Everything is all set for a perfect evening out on the town. Your spouse is awaiting you downstairs and then BOOM there it is. That same outfit they always wear every time it is date night. As much as you try to hide your disappointment you just can't. And then they ask you that one question that you hate to hear. You knew it was coming but you still weren't quite prepared for it. HOW DO I LOOK?

You think to yourself, "really, you are going to ask me that?".

Since starting the nonprofit THAT SUITS YOU, and writing the book SUITED FOR SUCCESS, I often hear men and women complain about this very issue. Most times people would think it is just women who complain about their men not dressing up but actually I hear it from both sides.

Most women are very conscious of their image. Especially in this Instagram world where pictures are everywhere. Take a photo with a lady and she will need about 10 shots before she picks that one that she is kind of happy with. And make sure you delete the others immediately. So when they go out on the town they try to make sure that they are looking sharp and on point. It is a time to go out and have fun. So they may spend hours picking out an outfit, hours getting their hair done and a few more hours getting ready. So imagine them going through all that and then when they finally are ready they have to see their man waiting for them in that same jean/shirt combo with dusty shoes. Now while he may think I am fine, to her it is a major disappointment. Fellas we have to do better. We have to consider their feelings when it comes to this. They love to see us looking good as well. Now while we make not take as much time as them to get ready we can still make an effort to look sharp. Switch up that look with a nice button up, maybe a blazer, and some cool kicks. That little change will show her you made an effort.

Now when guys consistently dress it is highly likely that sharp women have been eye balling them all day. So when they have set up a meet up or a date they definitely want their lady to come out looking amazing. If she doesn't it is a major disappointment. She may think I have worked hard today, I have been busy with the kids or some other legitimate reason. She may be right but that is not what he wants to hear at that moment. We know it was a hard day, we know you are tired, we know those heels hurt, and we know your head itches but STILL! Put yourself together, get that head done and throw on them heels and lets go have a great night. Don't dress up for your clients, your job and your girlfriends and not do it for your man.

So the next time you are going out take a long hard look in the mirror and say I am looking my best? If not, go back in and change and get your sexy back!

written by PK Kersey

founder of @thatsuitsyou and author of @suitedforsuccess

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Excellent article. Your writing skills are on point.

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