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What has this crazy NBA free agency period taught us?

Most NBA off seasons have some changes and a few surprises but this one has been absolutely crazy. As a long time New York Knick fan, I had my own set of expectations. The Knicks had it all lined up to have a once in a lifetime, fantastic off season by drafting Zion Williamson, and then signing Kyrie Irving AND Kevin Durant. Wow, what a trifecta that would be. Unfortunately, they did not get the number 1 draft choice, Durant got hurt in the finals and the rest is history. My hopes and delusions of grandeur were quickly abolished and well, life goes on. However, the rest of the NBA had some incredible happenings. From the Los Angeles Lakers trading for Anthony Davis, to Paul George leaving OKC to also the Russell Westbrook departure. These may be just a few of the stories that have changed the outlook of the 2019-20 season but they may also be the biggest. Funny, but there are some similarities to success overall that we all can glean some truths from.

So my question is What did we learn from all of this? Were we paying attention? Three lessons come to mind as I think about what happened in the NBA. I would like to share them with you....

First, things may not go the way you prepared for them to go. Jusk ask the Knicks. I believe to be truly successful we cannot be so surprised when things go differently than we expect and we have to actually have a plan for when it does happen. So many people throw in the towel when something unexpected happens. I listen to Les Brown a lot and he often says, "LIFE WILL HIT YOU ON THE BLINDSIDE." This is where you draw on your ingenuity, wisdom and perseverance. Some of our best ideas and inventions come in times of struggle and challenge. So don't quit when you get that bad news, but instead take a step back, take a deep breath and come out harder and smarter.

Secondly, don't become dependent on anyone. We all thought George and Westbrook would be together for awhile trying to bring a chip to OKC. Some also thought James Harding and Chris Paul would be a dynamic duo for at least 2 more seasons trying to gain that elusive championship. In a matter of days that all changed. The same can happen to us when we begin to think we need to have so and so on our team. Or if our long time friend doesn't join us or help us then we are finished. None of those should be the case. The reason being they can leave us at any moment. People can be fickle and we can never hitch our future to ANY one person. Your dream was given to you and you alone. The same way you came into this world is the same way your dream came in also. Although it may be nice to have some individuals to assist us it is no way mandatory. Success is a personal decision.

Lastly, don't be disappointed when people don't see your value. Their opinion is not your business. Just look at the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers. Both teams are considered the little brother in their cities. The Knicks and the Lakers are the big teams and should get all the stars right? Wow, what a surprise. The Nets and Clippers both ended up getting 4 of the biggest fish ever caught and most people never saw them coming. That's exactly how you can be. Let people devalue your business and accomplishments. Let people say that you will never make it or you are not good enough. Let them laugh or make fun of your dreams, remember their opinion is not your concern. As long as you KNOW your value and you do not quit you will see you desired result. Keep your head down and move in silence. Your work will speak for itself and people will begin to chase you down to have you on their team!!!

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