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2019 What will be different?

Welcome to a wonderful new year, 2019! What an exciting time. My only question is will it be any different for you?

That is a question that must be asked because despite most people who claim that this will be so different for them, history states it most likely will be a lot of the same. I don't say that to be mean but unfortunately change is not easy, especially when it involves changing a lifestyle or behaviors. Humans are comfortable with their comfort zone and leaving it is not as easy as one would think.

So all this talk about new things challenges that comfort zone. So while leaving it may be the initial thought actually doing it becomes a struggle, which is why many do not leave. Now outside the comfort zone is where the magic happens but getting there is the battle.

I want to challenge you this year to either gradually ease out or to bust out of your comfort zone this year. However you get out, just get out and test your limits. Whether it is a new book, event, business or relationship do not allow this year to go by without doing something towards it. Otherwise you will be at exactly the same point next year without any progress.

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